Thursday, June 2, 2011

Seven Foreign Film Will Showing in Indonesia

       Seven foreign films scheduled to shoot in several areas in Indonesia in 2011, said Acting Director General of Culture Value, Arts, and Film, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ukus Kuswara in Jakarta, Tuesday (31/05).

Ukus explains, seven foreign films that are from America, Europe and Australia.

Meanwhile, Film Director Directorate of Cultural Values​​, Art and Film, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Samson Lusa said the shooting location was selected in almost all regions in Indonesia.

"Location filming will they go among Bali, Raja Ampat, Papua, and a number of areas in Java and Sumatra, and many other areas," he said.

However, Syamsul not get leaked famous stars who will play a role in these films.

"No leaks, but that would be more excited than the movie Eat, Pray, Love were also shot in Bali," he said.

Arifin said a number of friendly countries who are interested in filming in Indonesia shows that the beauty of the country is already well known to the world.

"This is great for promotion of this nation and could boost the number of local and foreign tourists who visited several areas which is used as a shooting location," he said. (between / dar)

wow, I honestly as a person would be proud of Indonesia because the outer film has begun to circulate again in my country. in because of some actors who do not think the interests of society, had the vacuum outside the film.
but if it was freely circulating foreign movies broadcast in Indonesia I hope that does not happen again the problems earlier. let it go outside because people enjoy the movie foreign movies more bermut of the film in the country.


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