Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Resume of Steve Job History

In the early part described how Gates and Steve start everything from the bottom. Here we can be amazed by the genius and spirit of them.At that time they met a man who was once a hero in Berkeley. He found a way to beat the system, the man named Captain Crunch, he created a small whistle and have the same tone with remote equipment owned by AT & T. Goods can also be used for free calls anywhere in the world, it is a tool called BlueGrid .

Still at Berkeley also Steve Wozniak, made a strange electronic equipment. Like the ultra light or lasers and such.In 1975, Gates and his partner Paul Allen founded Microsoft. And in 1976, and his partner Steve Jobs founded Apple Inc. Wozniac, in the garage. At that time they were able to sell the Apple I computer which was originally wrapped in wood & using old TV screen, using the keyboard which is also in Cover with colored wood and black and white which can only display the article!In 1977, San Francisco, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak exhibiting 3 computers homemade, with 62 Chips, and ICs that memprose color in those days koputerya form is more attractive and neat and has been biased view pictures and writings, many visitors who are interested in homemade computer with computer beat Altair BASIC and OS made by Microsoft.Then Steve Jobs stole from Xerox's way, to know how to work the mouse and grapich interface. With the success gained Steve Jobs who can make a computer with a GUI-based OS, Bill Gates was unrivaled.  

Because, Microsoft has also developed a GUI-based windows operating system as well. So Bill Gates decided to visit Apple Computer's aim to mimic and steal ideas created by Steve Jobs. At Apple Computer's Steve Jobs showed to Bill Gates and his three friends a new computer that he named the Macintosh that already use the GUI-based OS. Then Bill Gates offered a cooperation and Steve Jobs said yes. And send three Mac computers Prototypes. 

 Finally, Bill Gates plans to hijack succeed as well.With the passage of time under the leadership of Apple Steve Jobs is growing. With the birth of her first child, named Lisa, she changed her computer and shaping it becomes better, the computer was named Lisa. Lisa is a desktop personal computer where this computer has an interesting shape with tapilan desktop neat and easy to understand with the tampilkanya menu items such as files, junk, games, floppy, hard drives and most importantly at this time computers have been using a mouse, speakers and can be graph showing the original image or humans.

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