Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Games Online

Online gaming is often called Online Games is a games are played on a network (either LAN or Internet).

The development of online game itself can not be separated also from the development of computer technology and computer networking itself. Explosion of the online game itself is a reflection from the vast computer network that was once a small scale (small local network) to the Internet and continues to develop until now. Games Online today is not the same as when online games were introduced for the first time. At the time appeared the first time in 1960, the computer can only be used for 2 people just to play games. Then came the computer with time-sharing capabilities so players can play these games could be more and not have to be in the same room (Multiplayer Games).
Then in 1970 when it emerged packet-based computer network (packet-based computer networking), computer networks are not only limited but also well include LAN and WAN to the Internet. Online game first appeared mostly simulated war games or aircraft used for military purposes is finally released and commercialized, these games then inspire other games that appear and develop. In 2001 was the peak of the dotcom fever, so the dissemination of information about online gaming faster and faster.


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