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Game Education

GAME HISTORYGame is an interactive game that requires a computer program to play. The computer program receives input from the player via the controller and displays the built environment through a TV or monitor screen.

FIRST GENERATION GAMEIn 1952, at Cambridge University, USA Douglas wrote a thesis for his PhD degree on an interaction between computers and humans. In his thesis, he created a computer game than a traditional game called Tic-Tac-Toe. The game is programmed with a computer-EDVAC vacuum tube which has layers of cathode ray tube (CRT).1958. William Haginbotham create video games first. Unlike Douglas, who titled his first video game Tennis for Two was created and played in osciloscope.Then the first computer game that actually created using a real computer was Spacewar. It was in the '60s, computers were very luxury goods. And the computer is usually used for research purposes in the military. With a computer that's Steve Russell create Spacewar Jay in 1961.

SECOND GENERATION GAMEIn 1971, Nolan Bushnell, together with Ted Dabney created a genre of arcade games were the first. Named Computer Space, the game based on Spacewar.In 1972, Ted Nolan and begin developing a game called Pong that is the first game available for the public. Because the previous games is only in the mainframe computer for enjoyment alone. With memory and micro processor low-grade, limited processing capability and the graphics are simple, he finally makes an electronic version of ping pong game which later became Pong.Pong later evolved into a game called Breakout. Game was created by Steve Jobs for Atari. From there, his friend Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak started thinking to create a PC. Then they borrowed all the equipment used in the project Breakout and create a prototype called the Apple I. and it is the embryo of Apple Macintosh computers that exist today.In 1980, Atari issued a game called Asteroids and Lunar Lander. The second game was the first game listed on the copyright office to get a patent. In 1980 it also shows that increased sales of PCs used for gaming.And now the computer to compete with machines such as PS or Xbox console. And computers are not just as an engine for business purposes only, but also for entertainment such as games.This era many people who consider Praise be to Allaah games are only fun to relieve stress, boredom, and others. This is true, but there are games that are educational.

Benefits of educational game
1. Can get people to control your emotions, this is because in the game later on we always hope to win. And the victory was not easy to obtain, this way we can practice patience.
2. Train people to be casual or not cheating. At the end of game play we are always faced with two things that win and lose. Make us accept the results of it with sincerity. Because it was not the result can be disturbing defendants.

3. Educational game can menngkatkan intelligence, because in the game presented a kind of education such as numeracy and so forth.

4. Creativity person will automatically increase. This is due to play in the game someone always trying to get the victory, thus causing the person to turn his brain to win the game.

5. Can enhance reflexes. Games get people to think quick, nervous reflexes quickly the brain works, and other reflexes such as the hand reflexes to push the button.

6. Educational game to help relieve boredom in learning, because children are easy to focus in the game rather than the learning process has been done.

7. Encouraging someone to set the strategy when it became a leader.

8. Learn English through games, usually displayed in the form of games selkalu english, so that indirectly encourage someone to learn English.

9. Improve self-confidence a person for having completed the game. Will arise a sense of satisfaction when someone succeed, so do not make people have an excessive pessimism.

10. Game also trains use logic when playing a game. This property is reflected in the game Sudoku. We were told to solve the crossword puzzle to fill the empty places. Semkin sooner we finish the higher the points we earn. This indicates a faster Praise be to Allaah our logic thinking.

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