Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Global Positioning System (GPS)

1. Hitory Of GPS
      The first time was designed by the United States
The concept itself began in the late 60's. But the first satellite was launched in February 1978.
Prior Publication of GPS, the first system called Transit (the navy stelit navigation system) and operated since 1964.
      Transit does not have the tools to megetahui time and time is in need a receiver to determine its position about 15 minutes.
     Gps is the development of transit systems, the goal semulanya only in use for military, beik to determine the position and indicate direction and achievement of weapon systems.
Padatahun 1984 President Reagan
announced that about some of the gps capabilities can be used by the public.

2. Excess GPS
GPS for navigation
       Navigation is often done by military personnel who are traveling from one place to the place where-a place that became their target. Therefore, by combining a map, compass and GPS (receiver) then the navigation process easier and more enjoyable for anyone.
Tracking solutions in the field of military
Can overcome the problems associated with military activities such as:
1. Monitoring the movement of vehicle fleets (especially those experiencing problem)
2. Monitoring of personnel (especially at the front).
3. Monitoring logistics
4. coordination and cooperation dapan team went well.

3. Lack of GPS 

       The use of GPS to know the position that relies on at least three satellites are not always accurate. Sometimes, it takes a satellite to improve the received signal. Inaccuracies positions shown
GPS satellite position is influenced by the change and the process was delayed signal. The speed of the GPS signal is also often changed because it is influenced by atmospheric conditions that exist. In addition, the GPS signal is also easy berinteferensi with other electromagnetic waves

4. GPS Software 
         GPS3D a set of utilities to manipulate the handles GPS device from your PC, and visualize the results in 3D. Even without a GPS device, you can still be used to rotate GPS3d interactive with 3D texture mapped model of earth.
            GPStrans communicate with a Garmin Global Positioning System receiver and allows users with a Garmin GPS to upload and download waypoints, routes, almanac (satellite orbit elements), and trace the route.
            GPSBabel converts waypoints, tracks, and routes from one format to another, whether the format is a common format such as the DeLorme mapping, Streets and Travel, or even a serial upload or download from the GPS units like Garmin and Magellan.
            TopoFusion is a fully featured GPS mapping software packages. It maps the USGS (United States Geological Survey) topographical maps and aerial photos for the entire country.

5. GPS Hardware 
     Bluetooth GPS
           GPS Bluetooth GPS puck AKA is a GPS antenna designed to receive signals from GPS satellites. A bluetooth GPS will wirelessly transmit GPS data to a Bluetooth-enabled devices such as PDAs, smartphones, laptops, UMPCs, etc. Together with the right of Navigation Software, you can change this device to be turned around by turn GPS Navigation Unit.

    GPS Data Logger
           GPS Data Logger is a GPS unit that will record your track, time and location to look at applications like Google Earth. Applications include tracking vehicles, children and elderly, geotagging pictures, recording travel / hiking routes etc..

For More you can download here. GPS 


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