Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Download Is a?

Download, is a term that often call when accessing the internet, both in our own homes or from Cyber@ccess. Dwonload the steps to take something(picture,document,letters,etc..) into the form of a file form the internet of intranet.

In the download file depends on four things : speed modems, busy servers, location servers, and the internet network congestion level.

1. Modem Speed
The faster the modem, the faster you can download a file. telephone line that crossed each othe on our planet is the main limitation factor. Almost all of the phone line can support 28.8 Kbps modem speed. Transfer rate is more than that depending on the quality of local telephone cables. It would be futile to invest 56.6 Kbps modem, telephone cable in the area if it does not support. So before buying a modem with a speed of 56.6 Kbps, check out my friend one territory, are there that use more than 28.8 Kbps modem. If there no single person who can engage at speeds above 28.8 Kbps (assuming that the modem they can get faster connection), then there is no point in buying a modem with a speed of 56.6 Kbps.

2. Busyness Server
The server can decide the access of all modems. When that happens, an error message that often appears in the browser is: 'anonymous access denied' or 'server returned extended information'. The second message means the server is too busy and can not process your request. There are no errors in your computer, no need to panic, just try again.

3. Location Server
Geographic location plays a major role in download speeds. The longer the phone line, then the journey is also the longer the download file.

4. Internet Network Congestion Levels
You can have a fast modem and no traffic jams, but still could experience a long down load time. The reason for the same amount of bandwidth, in certain times accessed by more modern than any other time.


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