Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Based on the method of payment

The purpose of this payment method is how the online gaming companies get money from The Games. Based on this category of online games can be divided into 2 Types :

1. Pay Per Item
       Games that are in this category is a game that can be installed or played for free, and this game usually charge a fee to the players if the players want to quickly raise the level or the purchase of goods (items) of rare never encountered in the game. Types of games like this the most common in Indonesia. Example: Gunbound, Ragnarok, Ghost Online, etc..

2. Pay per Play 

        This game must be purchased and installed legally because when installed terebut game will register the player to the internet directly and if the program installs a pirated copy then the system will automatically block it. Example: The War of Warcraft, etc..


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