Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy Salma Concerned flare-a bad Film

BANDUNG-Happy Salma admitted concern to the young generation today in treating Pancasila deliberately forgotten. Included in the world of movies and operas homeland.

"If the present generation I see it rather tragic," complained Happy to Legal, after reading the text about the birth of Pancasila Sukarno's speech when opening the discussion entitled 'Five Principles: The Road to the State Assembly' at the Graha Sanusi University Padjdjaran (Padjadjaran University), Bandung, West Java, on Wednesday (01/06/2011).

Happy to see, the current generation did not seem confident in filling national and state life in the midst of global competition. "This is happening in the arts, economic, humanitarian and others who just run to survive, just to survive alone," he regrets.

Attitudes are not confident nation can be seen in a movie that always contained insertion-insertion or deposit which is not really necessary. For example, the phenomenon of ghost movies no real ghosts.

"haunted so esek-esek or esek-esek ghost, to be like baseball have a personality. Well I mean maybe it (Pancasila) has begun to erode," he said.

Included in the soap opera world today. In fact, more Happy, it is a soap opera achievers who addresses the theme of Indonesia. "Yes it is a successful proven that it is still Indonesia," he said.

So i think,  why the director and the artists want to make movies that are not useful like that ..
what's in because of culture pursued appear?
or is it really tastes of the producing movies?
clear that the film industry in Indonesia do not change their culture in the applied current, future Indonesian movie would not exist anymore in the heart of society Indonesia.